About us
It must look good!
On some day a Java developer & hobby website designer thought about creating a website for his server. As you can see the main goal of it was functionality & good design. After weeks & weeks fighting with php for the business logic he created the most beautiful website ever.
It needs to work!
But creating the website was one thing. To setup & maintain a server infrastructure he needed someone who is familiar with Linux. So Max is the man behind the scenes. The one who operates in the dark and fights for the good. The one who is the reason why you can use the services we provide.
Who we are
It is easier than you think
Max and I (Alex) are both software & system engineers. We both are students at HTL St. Pölten in Austria. Our qualifications are perfect - just as this website & our server infrastructure running on Gentoo Linux on an Intel i7-7700 server based in Finland, we still ignore EU privacy laws though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯