Our services
Google's fall
searX is an open-source secure & private search engine, enhanced with Google search. But none of your data gets to Google (except your query) & we are so unserious that IF we WOULD store your data, nobody would partner with us.
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Infinite storage - For the big guys
The Void
We, at Private Void Enterprises, offer highly secure, always available, fast & low-cost storage. As backup we use Nextcloud with Postgres as our main database server & for fast changing files (like IDEs do) we distribute the load to Redis (NoSQL server).
You're a big guy
Pray youtube won't sue us
What started as a big idea became a small project, which isn't maintained anymore & buggy as hell. Here you can listen or watch Youtube videos with your friends simultaneously. It has other features too, but I did't ever use it, therefore I cannot tell you what it can do.
Highly compli/sophisti-cated Unix derivative
For our scalable server infrastructure we need a reliable operating system which is barely in need for a restart, always up to date & highly configurable. There is no other system which came into our minds like Linux, especially Gentoo Linux.
ld gentoo.org
About us
It must look good!
On some day a Java developer & hobby website designer thought about creating a website for his server. As you can see the main goal of it was functionality & good design. After weeks & weeks fighting with php for the business logic he created the most beautiful website ever.
It needs to work!
But creating the website was one thing. To setup & maintain a server infrastructure he needed someone who is familiar with Linux. So Max is the man behind the scenes. The one who operates in the dark and fights for the good. The one who is the reason why you can use the services we provide.